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Summer never really ends in Houston. Sure, we get a slight reprieve in the early months of the year, but mostly, from April to December, it is summertime in the Bayou City. If you think the heat and humidity are tough on you, imagine how hard it is for your air conditioning system?

Having a regular maintenance service for your heating and air conditioning system can prevent many problems common to residential A/C units. Regular maintenance will also help reveal any new problems like small leaks or dirty filters that can be harmful to the unit’s efficiency and safety.

What are the signs my AC needs to be repaired?

Believe it or not, you’re A/C unit speaks to you. It often says things to you, perhaps in a language you may not understand. But at Nick’s Air Conditioning, we’re here to help translate. We want to help show you the many ways you’re A/C unit is trying to tell that it needs to be repaired. 

Sign: Warm or “just not cold enough” airflow

Warm or room temperature air from your vents will point to one of two issues with your air conditioning system. Dirty air filters at the air intake are the most common cause. The second reason for the warm air is a frozen evaporator coil being the problem.

Solution: What can I do about warm airflow? 

Before contacting us at Nick’s for your issue, try replacing the air filter. It is located at the air intake or blower compartment just before the fan stage of the unit. Try doing a Google search for any number of “how-to” videos and blogs replacing air conditioning filters. 

If your filter isn’t the issue, you may have a frozen evaporator coil. Check around your A/C unit for any visible ice or frost. If you see it turn off your air conditioning system. It’s also a good idea to turn off the circuit breaker that controls the air conditioning system’s power. Doing so allows the coils to thaw out, which can be a twenty-four-hour or longer process. Unfortunately, there is no do-it-yourself repair for this issue. You’re going to need assistance from a reputable HVAC company like Nick’s Air Conditioning.

Sign: Weird sounds emanating from you’re A/C unit or vents

All air conditioning systems make some sort of noise as they go through their various operating cycles. Your AC unit should not be making sounds that belong in a horror movie, like banging, shrieking, and rattling are a sign that it’s time to call a professional AC repair company in Houston.

Solution: What can I do to quiet my A/C unit down?

Rattling, banging and buzzing sounds usually indicate a loose-fitting duct or another part somewhere close to the sound. Check that all air conditioning vent covers are securely in place and that the airflow through the vents isn’t obstructed.

While checking the vent covers, you may discover the source of the noise and be able to eliminate it.

Squeaking, whistling, and grinding noise coming from your air conditioner are usually signs of more severe issues, like worn bearings in your compressor or fan motor. These sounds, as well as a host of other scary noises coming from your air conditioning unit, will suggest either the presence of a poltergeist or the need for a visit from your local AC repair in Houston company, Nick’s Air Conditioning.

Sign: Your Air Conditioner Stinks!

Relax, we’re not trying to give your AC system an inferiority complex, but sometimes, air conditioning units (especially those that aren’t regularly maintained) can give off a foul odor. In the heating and air conditioning repair business, we refer to this as “dirty sock syndrome,” and it smells exactly as it sounds.

Solution: What can I do about that smell?

The most common cause of the smell is changing over from using the heater to the air conditioning, and most of the calls we get are during the change from winter to spring. Dust in your a/c system’s filters is a great place for mildew, mold, and fungus to adhere to, accumulate, and reproduce. Having your filters checked regularly and replaced consistently will contribute a great deal to getting rid of the issue.

If a filter change isn’t the solution, there could be a clogged drain pan or drain line beneath your A/C unit, causing mold or mildew to be drawn into the evaporator coil. If your unit is more than a few years old, it may be time to consider replacing your current AC unit with a newer, more modern, and efficient one.

Nick’s Air Conditioning offers cost evaluations and second opinions on all your heating and AC repair needs in Houston.

What to consider before repairing you’re A/C unit?

You’ve called an A/C licensed repair company to come and look at your unit. He’s presented you with a litany of items that need to be repaired on your A/C unit. Before you give him the green light, you need to consider the following. 

1. Age of your current air conditioning system.

Ask yourself if it’s reaching the end of its recommended lifespan. If yes, then maybe it’s more economical to buy a replacement than repair the existing one.

2. Cost of A/C repairs

 If your repairs are exponential, then it’s more financially feasible to purchase a new air conditioning unit as opposed to trying to piece together the old one. 

3. Energy efficiency

Suppose you own an older A/C unit. In that case, the likelihood that it has a higher energy efficiency rating is not great. The older it gets, the less efficient it becomes for you to maintain financially as well. You want to own an air conditioning system with an adequate energy efficiency rating so that you and your family can benefit from it both economically and environmentally. 

4. Does your system match?

Many homeowners who have bought their homes from previous owners probably have an A/C system installed. In most cases, the new homeowners tend to replace the already-existing system, but only partially. They replace either only the outdoor or indoor unit. This is what we call a mismatched system. Air conditioners are not meant to operate in a mismatched system. This can cause problems in energy efficiency or can be hard to repair. Sometimes the warranty can even be voided.

5. Comfort Needs

Before anyone repairs your A/C system, ask yourself how satisfied you are with it. If you’ve been happy with it until problems begin to creep up, you may just want to do the repairs and keep the unit you have. But if you were never pleased with your A/C unit, this might very well be your opportunity to find a replacement. Now’s your chance to find something to meet your comfort needs, but additionally something to satisfy your cooling, dehumidifying, and energy ones as well.  

6. Advanced Technology

 Air conditioning technology has grown tremendously in the last ten years. There is a tremendous range of functions, including variable speed, communicating systems, two-stage technology, interactive control, and smart thermostats. These features may sound unnecessary, but today’s air conditioners have been built with the user in mind. Before you invest a single penny into your existing unit, take a moment, and consider what life would look like with a brand new, A/C unit? 

7. Rebates and Incentives

Suppose you’re reluctant to invest any more money on repairs to your existing air conditioning unit. In that case, there’s another incentive for buying a new one: rebates. Many A/C companies offer either incentives or rebates year-round or at certain times of the year. Imagine being able to save a lot of money and buy an air conditioning unit at the same time? 

8. Home Lifespan

If you foresee moving out of your current home, then maybe investing in a new air conditioning unit isn’t the wisest choice. If you just need the system to last a few more years, then paying for repairs is the logical choice. Save your money to invest in a new air conditioning unit when you get to a home, you know you’ll stay in the long term.

Air Conditioning Repair in Houston

In hot and humid Houston, our air conditioning unit is priceless. We’d give up our cellphones before our A/C. They are as essential to our way of life. As such, repairing them when they break down must be done quickly and by someone who understands the unit. That’s why when your A/C unit starts acting up, give us a call at Nick’s Air Conditioning. With over 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to repair your problem.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Very good experience. My technician Anthony P. was very open with ideas for problem solving. On time service. Good communication system. Very professional work. All done very neatly and timely as proposed. Very satisfied and have shared my experience with others as Nick’s should be their go to company.


Antoine G. (2021)


I called Nick’s Plumbing to complete a natural gas line replace and repair job after being frustrated with the incompetence of the supposed “expert” plumbers in West University Place. Nick’s employees were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They finished a job in a day that the prior company could not complete in a week – and at a much lower cost. Many thanks!


David T. (2021)


Called on Saturday around 11 am and they were onsite within an hour to help get our domestic pumps up and running for 200+ apartment homes. Fantastic service, communication, and personnel. Pricing was very reasonable too.


Christopher Y. (2021)