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Trane® AC and Heating Services in Houston

Buying a new HVAC system is an expensive, inconvenient, messy process that we rarely have time to prepare for in advance. When your air conditioner fails in the middle of a Houston summer, you need it replaced fast with a high-quality system with reliable components.

Currently, in the US market, there are more than 150 brands of home heating and cooling companies. All these brands are made by a conglomerate of six manufacturers, offering lower-cost HVAC systems through big box home improvement stores. Many of these low-to-middle-grade appliances are sold to companies in the new home building industry for use in new homes. If you’ve ever heard the term “builder’s grade,” it refers explicitly to using products that are “just good enough” to pass the most basic of efficiency and performance tests, making them an inexpensive option for builders. In the Houston heat, “just good enough” isn’t going to cut it. 

Houston’s summer heat and even the occasional brutal winter weather spells we experience require efficient yet high-performance HVAC equipment to ensure your family’s comfort. Nick’s Air Conditioning only offers central HVAC systems manufactured by Trane®, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce our customers to Trane® Technologies and its product options. 

Why Is Trane any Different Than the Other HVAC Manufacturers?

Nearly all HVAC system manufacturers source at least some of their parts from an outside vendor. While on its own, this isn’t a bad practice, as long as high-quality, durable parts are used. Quite often, though, these third-party parts manufacturers are in areas of the world that aren’t exactly associated with products of high quality.

Your HVAC system is only as strong as its weakest component.

Unlike these AC system makers, who source their parts from an outside vendor, Trane® manufactures every one of their parts. Trane® holds more than 1,500 patents for heating and cooling innovations, like their Hyperion™ Air Handlers, that use refrigerator-styled insulation for improved efficiency and higher cooling capacity.  

Trane® is continuously performing evolving HVAC research in their testing facility in Tyler, Texas. Here, air conditioners and furnaces are forced to serve in the harshest laboratory environments possible. Air conditioners are encased in ice and expected to perform, as are those running in 140°F heat while partially submerged in water. None of these scenarios are likely to occur in your home, but it’s comforting to know that every Trane® product is built to withstand the worst that nature can offer. 

A Very Brief History of Trane®

Founded in La Crosse, WI, and incorporated in 1913, Trane® has over 130 years of experience in heating and air conditioning systems. James Trane, an immigrant from Norway, opened his plumbing shop in 1885 and immediately set out to invent a low-pressure heating system for the home. Aided by his mechanical engineer son, Reuben, they developed the Trane Vapor Heating System. The new heating system was manufactured by 1910, and the Trane Company was incorporated just three years later. 

Since the beginning, Trane® has been an innovator in HVAC technology. In 1923, that reputation was cemented when Reuben Trane’s invention of the convector (flat panel with fins) radiator replaced the bulky cast iron radiators. In 1931, Trane® went live with an air conditioning system designed for large commercial buildings, the first of its kind. 

Since those early days, Trane® has continued a trend toward building the best home and commercial air conditioning systems on the market. Currently, Trane® provides air conditioning for many vital locations worldwide, including the St. Louis Arch in Missouri, the Washington Monument in DC, and the Kremlin in Moscow. 

Most Popular Trane® Products Available from Nick’s Air Conditioning

As a certified Trane® Comfort Specialist, Nick’s only offers products manufactured by Trane® and its affiliated company, Mitsubishi Electric, which specializes in Ductless Mini-Split HVAC systems. 

Trane® Air Conditioners

Many Trane® Air Conditioners offer variable-speed and two-speed compressor technology, allowing maximum efficiency on the cooler days and a blast of maximum performance on those 100° and higher days. Offering superior energy efficiency in systems that help keep cooling costs down, Trane® air conditioners run more quietly than comparable brands and require fewer repairs than the competition. 

Trane® Gas Furnaces

In Houston, it’s easy to forget about our furnaces, and furnaces get very little respect here. We spend as many as nine months of the year sweating our way through oppressive heat and humidity, and the last thing on our minds is something to make it even hotter. Yet, we expect them to be battle ready on the first chilly morning of the fall.

Be prepared for that first cold day and every one that follows with a Trane® Gas Furnace from Nick’s Air Conditioning. Trane® offers furnaces perfect for every affordable, highly efficient, and incredibly reliable home. Your furnace deserves a little respect, as it is the “H” in HVAC, after all!

Trane® Heat Pumps

Heat and cool individual rooms in your home that get the most use and save on high utility bills heating or cooling empty spaces. Trane® Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient, as instead of using electrical power to create heat, heat pumps re-distribute already existing heat from one area to another. 

In the summer, a heat pump uses liquid refrigerant to draw heat from the indoor air and transfer it outside. In the winter, the reverse process occurs as the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the ground and the outdoor air. 

Trane® Home App

Take next-level control of your Trane® home comfort appliances with the Trane® Home App. Continuously monitor and change the temperature, and set schedules for the air conditioning or furnace to remain off when the house is empty and to turn on just before you return. The Trane® Home App pairs with Alexa®, so you can even tell your Trane® HVAC system what you want it to do from anywhere in the world.

Nick’s Air Conditioning Only Offers Trane® HVAC Systems for a Reason.

Nick’s Air Conditioning is proud to exclusively offer sales of Trane® HVAC systems. Their continuous research into improving whole-house comfort systems, their innovative products, and sheer dedication to providing the best possible products for an affordable price are just a few reasons Trane® is one of the most popular brands of HVAC equipment.
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Very good experience. My technician Anthony P. was very open with ideas for problem solving. On time service. Good communication system. Very professional work. All done very neatly and timely as proposed. Very satisfied and have shared my experience with others as Nick’s should be their go to company.


Antoine G. (2021)


I called Nick’s Plumbing to complete a natural gas line replace and repair job after being frustrated with the incompetence of the supposed “expert” plumbers in West University Place. Nick’s employees were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They finished a job in a day that the prior company could not complete in a week – and at a much lower cost. Many thanks!


David T. (2021)


Called on Saturday around 11 am and they were onsite within an hour to help get our domestic pumps up and running for 200+ apartment homes. Fantastic service, communication, and personnel. Pricing was very reasonable too.


Christopher Y. (2021)