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Trane HVAC Unit Keeping Houston Cool

16 May 2021

Author: Jeff O'Hara

Replacing an air conditioning system is a costly venture, but it can cost more to keep your existing system running over time. On average, a complete AC installation near me in Houston costs around $6,000. The range starts at about $4,000 for a simple swap-out of a unit up to $15,000 for complete system installation. The size of the AC unit itself plays a large part in the cost, as will any ductwork that may need to be installed.

When is the Best Time for AC Installation?

AC installation near me in Houston is less expensive during construction or renovation, as AC techs will have in-wall access to place ductwork and the necessary power lines. For an existing home that has only had window units, ductwork will need to be placed above ceilings or in walls, requiring some sheetrock removal and replacement.

Air conditioning systems can have a lifespan of over twenty years when properly maintained and serviced. While this is a testament to the quality of modern air conditioning systems, the downside of that longevity is diminishing efficiency. As an air conditioning system ages, various mechanical parts, seals, hoses, and motors begin to wear out, causing the system to function poorly. AC systems that are not cooling the house as well have an increase in humidity in the home, or higher utility bills all suggestive that it may be time for an AC installation near me in Houston.

What is the Right Size AC System for my Home?

Before installing a new air conditioning system, it is crucial to have your new system correctly sized for your home. Each room needs to be measured, and the square footage of all rooms added together is multiplied by 20. The resulting number will be the number of BTUs are required to cool your home efficiently. BTU (British Thermal Units) are a measurement of power needed to heat or cool an area, and for HVAC systems is read as Btu/h or BTUs per hour.

Installing the proper size AC unit is essential, with consequences from both having an undersized or over-sized system. Systems that are too small for the home will struggle to maintain temperature and comfortable humidity levels. Under-sized AC systems must run almost continuously, causing premature wear of the entire system and increasing energy bills. Over-sized AC systems will cool the home too quickly before sufficient humidity can be pulled out of the room.

When Should I Start Considering New AC Installation?

Not all air conditioning issues are going to require an AC installation near me in Houston. Most air conditioner problems are simple to address by changing an air filter or having an AC Tune-Up service. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system should include cleaning the condenser, checking and correcting refrigerant levels, and replacing any filters.

Summer’s here, and the time is right to call Nick’s Air Conditioning to schedule a cost evaluation or second opinion on your AC installation in Houston.

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