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Ductless Mini Split AC with a Living Room in the Background

Ductless Mini-Split AC Services in Houston

Nick’s Air Conditioning is all about new technology, and we love introducing new products to our AC customers in Houston. It’s always exciting when a new, revolutionary product gets introduced to our market. Still, mini-split ACs (also commonly referred to as heat pumps) have been the standard for residential HVAC in Europe since the 1980s.

It took a couple of decades and quite a bit of refinement in their technology—early mini-splits were notoriously noisy and not exceptionally efficient—but by the mid-2000s, the concept began to catch on in the US. First popularized in multi-unit dwellings, everything from small apartment buildings to new condominium complexes were using this new, miniaturized HVAC technology.

Mini-splits have become increasingly popular in the historic areas of Houston, like the Heights and Montrose, where the older homes aren’t equipped—nor designed for—HVAC ductwork. No longer reliant on bulky, noisy, and energy-sapping window-mounted units and dangerous space heaters, ductless mini-splits allow any home to enjoy customized room-by-room comfort. And it’s not nearly as expensive as you’d think it is. 

Houston area residents considering an HVAC system replacement should first look at ductless mini-split AC systems. They are more efficient, less noisy, and can allow you room-by-room control over your family’s comfort. Let’s look deeper at what makes ductless mini-splits the new HVAC revolution!

What is Ductless Air Conditioning, and How Does it Work?

Think of ductless mini-split AC systems as a hybrid between a whole-house HVAC system and a window-installed unit. Instead of using connective ductwork to simultaneously deliver treated air throughout the entire home, these smaller HVAC units are split into two parts. The outdoor component contains the unit’s AC compressor, condenser, and cooling fan. The indoor component is the wall-mounted air handler, which includes the blower motor, heat exchanger, and system control panel. 

The connection between the indoor and outdoor units is made through a 3” opening in an exterior wall, through which a control cable and refrigerant are passed. There is no need for bulky ductwork that can wear out, collapse onto itself, or leak, and you can control the temperature and humidity levels in each room with an indoor air handler installed. .

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits

From their ease of installation, ability to integrate with your existing HVAC, and unmatched efficiency, there are many reasons to install a ductless mini-split air conditioning system in your home.

Mini-Splits are Easy to Install.

With ductless mini-split AC systems, no major renovations are required for their installation. You’ll need a concrete slab to affix the outdoor unit to, but if you’re replacing an HVAC system, you already have one. A mini-split slab costs are minimal for homes without an HVAC system installed.

If you only install a single-zone (one-room) mini-split unit, your installation should only take a couple of hours. If you’re looking to install several indoor air handlers connected to a single outdoor unit, installation can still take less than a day. 

Cool or Heat Several Rooms at Once.

Depending on the model of the mini-split system you’ve installed, a single outdoor compressor unit can support up to eight indoor units simultaneously. With individual indoor units, you can set “just the right temperature” in any room of your home – for up to 8 rooms. 

If you love sleeping at a perfect 68 degrees while the rest of your family thinks you’re crazy, a mini-split could be the answer. Prefer to run the heat at night while the rest of your family chills in the air conditioning? You can do that too! 

Multi-zoned ductless mini-split systems are a great alternative to whole-house HVAC systems when you want to heat or cool specific rooms in the home

Mini-Splits are Quiet.

Window-mounted air conditioners and whole-house HVAC systems are noisy, especially as they age and begin to experience wear and tear of their components. The noise level of an average conversation is about 65 – 70 decibels (dB), and a jet airplane at takeoff is about 120 dB. For comparison, the typical noisy air conditioner operates at around 90 – 100 dB.

Most mini-split units are rated between 40dB – 65dB under normal operating conditions. You could stand beside your mini-split and converse without missing a word.

Mini Splits Are More Efficient Than HVAC Systems.

Ductless mini-splits operate on electricity for both air conditioning and heating, so there’s no need for a natural gas connection or propane tanks to change. Compared to a standard whole-house HVAC system, multi-zone ductless mini-splits can save the average homeowner between 40 – 50% of their monthly energy costs. Central HVAC systems suffer from energy losses just by sending heated or chilled air through your ductwork; depending on the condition of your ducts, you could be losing as much as 25% of your treated air to leaks. 

Much of the energy savings accompanying a ductless system installation are due to the advanced technology that goes into mini-splits. Many models of ductless units are equipped with variable-speed compressors that use inverter-driven motors to maintain temperatures with less energy. Instead of turning the air conditioner on and off several times at “full blast,” the variable-speed compressor allows your AC system to run longer while using less energy at a lower speed.

Mini-Splits Can Qualify for Tax Credits!

The federal government has enacted various tax credits and rebates to encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient thanks to the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and increased concerns over environmental damage caused by air conditioning. This bill includes funding for programs that provide tax credits and rebates for installing new or upgrading your current HVAC system

The program provides the most substantial rebates for homeowners that install ductless mini-split HVAC equipment but also allows for other home improvements that can make the most out of your investment in ductless AC. Rebates and credits are available for upgrading electrical circuit boxes and replacing old wiring to bring your home up to code. 

Trust Nick’s & Mitsubishi for Your Mini-Split Installation.

We know how important it is to our customers to get the best value on their home appliances, and your heating and air conditioning systems are a big part of that equation. That’s why Nick’s Air Conditioning proudly offers ductless mini-split systems from Mitsubishi Electric. From one-room single-zone units all the way up to whole-house heating and cooling, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are designed for performance, efficiency, and longevity. 

Ready to Upgrade to Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning? 

Does installing a ductless mini-split air conditioning system sound like something you and your family could benefit from? Call Nick’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to set up a consultation for a new ductless AC system. 

Trust Nick’s Air Conditioning to get it done right, from single rooms to whole-house conversions. We are Houston’s experts for all things involving mini-split installation, maintenance, and repair. And with our VIP HVAC Maintenance Plan, you can take the stress out of your family’s comfort, knowing your AC is always taken care of.

Call Nick’s today; we’re on the way!



Very good experience. My technician Anthony P. was very open with ideas for problem solving. On time service. Good communication system. Very professional work. All done very neatly and timely as proposed. Very satisfied and have shared my experience with others as Nick’s should be their go to company.


Antoine G. (2021)


I called Nick’s Plumbing to complete a natural gas line replace and repair job after being frustrated with the incompetence of the supposed “expert” plumbers in West University Place. Nick’s employees were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They finished a job in a day that the prior company could not complete in a week – and at a much lower cost. Many thanks!


David T. (2021)


Called on Saturday around 11 am and they were onsite within an hour to help get our domestic pumps up and running for 200+ apartment homes. Fantastic service, communication, and personnel. Pricing was very reasonable too.


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