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What is The Difference Between Air Filtration and Air Purification?

05 May 2021

Author: Jeff O'Hara

There seems to be a bit of confusion among customers looking for information about ways to improve the quality of the air in their home. This blog seeks to answer the question: what is the difference between air purification and air filtration?

Ask most people, and they’re likely to think that air purification and air filtration are the same things. While it’s true that both an air purifier and a filter are used to remove irritants from the air, the way they accomplish the task is somewhat different.

What Do Air Filters Do?

Without overstating the obvious, an air filter will remove dust and other particulates out of the air in your home. Several types of air filters available can be used in your HVAC system from the most straightforward 1-inch fiberglass screens, up to 5” of pleated cotton or polyester sheets. The filters at the higher end of the cost spectrum offer the best performance and particulate removal.

The next level in air filtration are the HEPA filters, which is short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is said to be able to trap 99.97% of particulates. HEPA filters are also able to trap pollen, dust mites, and pet dander, as well as some bacteria, but is ineffective against VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or viruses.

You may not need anything more than these standard filters in your HVAC system for individuals that aren’t susceptible to allergies or sinus issues related to dust and pet dander. For people with increased reactions to allergens, those with compromised immune systems, or those who want to breathe cleaner air should know what is the difference between air purification and air filtration?

What Does Air Purification Do?

Instead of only removing particulate matter from the air in your home, air purification systems also cleanse the air of mold, dander, and dust, as well as viruses and bacteria. Air purification products offer a couple of options for their operation, some using ultraviolet light technology, and others that use hydrogen peroxide to treat the air.

At Nick’s Air Conditioning, we offer the REME HALO ® air purification system to our customers. The REME HALO® system combines the two technologies in air purification by marrying the ultraviolet and ionized hydro-peroxides, superoxide ions, and hydroxide ions. These friendly oxidizers revert to oxygen and hydrogen particles after removing the pollutants from the air.

If you have questions like “what is the difference between air filtration and air purification?” give Nick’s Air Conditioning Services a call today. Schedule a cost evaluation on installing a new REME HALO® air purification system in your home today and breathe cleaner and healthier air tomorrow.

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