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What Size Air Conditioning System Do I Need?

02 Apr 2021

Author: Jeff O'Hara

So, you have decided that it is time to replace that ancient air conditioner of yours and move up to a modern and more efficient unit. With so many manufacturers, each with their specialized options to choose from, like variable-speed compressors and wi-fi connectivity, narrowing down the choices can be overwhelming.

The Bigger the Air Conditioner, the Bigger the Reward?

Here in Texas, we live by the motto “bigger is better,” but that is not the case when it comes to air conditioning systems. There is a relatively simple formula that HVAC installers use to determine the size of the air conditioner you need for your home.

To get an idea of the size of the air conditioning system that is right for you, take length and width measurements in a room in your home, and multiply them, then multiply that total by 25. The result of all that math is the measurement in BTU’s you will need to cool that living space. Follow the same formula for each room in your home and add up the total from each room.

How to Calculate Required BTU’s.

Diagram of an Apartment Layout

Bear in mind; this formula does not consider a long list of other factors that can affect the air temperature of your home. Most homeowners do not realize that the direction their house is facing, the age of their home, and even the type of windows that are installed all contribute to the amount of cooling power your AC system will require.

With the information so far in this blog, you still might be inclined to install a larger unit than you need. The main problem with an oversized AC system is the lack of humidity control you will experience. Because the unit is so large, it will lower the temperature of a room quickly and turn off, but these shorter cooling cycles do not allow humidity to be effectively drawn out of the room. Not only will the increased humidity result in shorter, more frequent on/off cycles, but your energy bill is also bound to increase as the air conditioner struggles to cool the home.

Should I Install a Smaller Air Conditioner?

There are just as many issues that can occur when an air conditioning system is too small for the home. Having a unit that is too small will cause rooms to cool slowly, sun-exposed rooms will always be “too warm,” and the AC unit must run all day. All of this creates increased expenses in energy usage, but also from the premature wear and tear of an overworked air conditioning system.

Aim for a Happy Medium with Your New AC System

The key to having a cool, comfortable home with your new AC system all year round is to install it right the first time. Nick’s Air Conditioning experts will take all appropriate measurements, and factor in everything that can affect your home’s temperature and give you a cost evaluation or second opinion on the system they recommend.

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