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07 Jul 2023

Author: Jeff O'Hara

It reads like the title of a horror novel, and there’s no denying there is a scary story involved. 

The idea of going without air conditioning in Houston for even one mid-summer afternoon is enough to frighten any local resident to their core. With temperatures of 100° or higher and humidity in the 90% zone, without air conditioning, it won’t be long before your home is too hot to stay in. 

Don’t let it get to that point. Whether you’re waiting for repairs to your current HVAC system or installing a completely new system, try renting a portable AC unit from Nick’s.

Why Do More Air Conditioners Die in the Summer Than Any Other Time?

The reason is simple: air conditioners are under tremendous strain and must operate for longer cycles to achieve comfortable indoor conditions during the hottest summer months. Our air conditioners are constantly battling nature, desperately trying to remove all that heat and humidity from the air in your living space.

Older AC systems are at a much higher risk of failure on a hot summer day and may require long outdated parts that must be ordered from an overseas manufacturer. Poorly maintained HVAC systems may suffer from clogged and corroded condenser coils, deteriorating ductwork, rusted heat exchangers, and other long-term damage that make the unit too expensive to repair. 

Waiting for the repair of your current HVAC system or waiting for the installation of a new system can take anywhere from one day to a whole week. What is your family supposed to do without air conditioning for almost a week? 

Rent a Portable Air Conditioning Unit During Your Installation from Nick’s!

After over 40 years in business in Houston, Nick’s has seen the misery that exists when a household has to wait several days for their new AC system installation. The lack of air conditioning in Houston is not merely an inconvenience; it puts your family in an unhealthy, potentially dangerous situation. 

Sure, you could pack up the family and spend the week at a hotel, but what about the pets? Who’ll check the mail while you’re gone? Who’s going to let the AC crew in? 

With a portable air conditioning unit, your family’s routine can continue as normal, all while your new HVAC system is installed. 

Why Would I Rent a Portable AC Unit?

Comfort During AC Repairs

Portable rental AC units provide an affordable and convenient way to maintain their home’s comfort while the HVAC system is repaired or replaced. Instead of spending well over $1,000 on a week of lodging away from your home, you could rent a portable air conditioning unit for less than half that cost. 

Flexibility and Portability

Portable AC units are designed to be easily moved from one room to another, either as the primary AC unit or to supplement a poorly performing central HVAC system. 

Events or Special Occasions

Hosting summertime outdoor parties is a much more comfortable experience with a portable air chiller, perfect for stuffy outdoor tents and overheated covered patios.


Temporary AC units can be rented by the day, the week, or even monthly, and allow your family to remain at home with minimal disruption of your daily routine while work is being performed on your HVAC system.

Get Your Portable AC Delivered Within Four Hours!

From the time you call Nick’s Air Conditioning, we will have a portable AC unit delivered to and set up in your home in less than four hours. That’s how seriously we take the need for air conditioning in Houston. We know how uncomfortable, sweaty, and sticky it can get indoors in just a few minutes, so we prioritize our portable rental customers. 

New Air Conditioning Systems Can Take Anywhere from ½ Day to a Full Week to Install!

Some larger professional HVAC companies, like Nick’s Air Conditioning, have the warehouse space to load up on popular HVAC equipment before the harsh weather sets in. That allows us to drastically reduce wait times for our customers looking to purchase new systems or replacement parts for their repairable units. 

Many smaller HVAC companies and even many big-box discount stores have extremely long back-order lists, with hundreds of customers often ahead of you. You could end up on a waiting list that is weeks or even months long before they can even get a unit in stock for you.  

Let Nick’s Help You Bridge the Gap from AC Failure to AC Installation! 

If you face an extended period without using your central HVAC or ductless mini-split systems, contact Nick’s Air Conditioning about one of our affordable rental AC units. With units capable of heating or cooling as few as 300 square feet up to 3,000 square feet of living space, Nick’s has the perfect temporary AC solution for your home. 

Get in touch with one of our helpful customer service representatives to set up your appointment for us to deliver, install, and demonstrate the functions and features of your rental AC unit. Don’t sweat your next HVAC system breakdown; Nick’s has you covered with our line of portable rental AC units.

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